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Nolvadex is a drug belonging to the group of sex hormones. It is available in the form of pills taken orally. Initially, this drug was intended for the treatment and prevention of female breast cancer. Nolvadex belongs to the group of anti-estrogens and has a strong impact on the body. Nolvadex is also called tamoxifen.


Alternative names for the brand and generic Nolvadex?

Brand medicines are expensive, generics are several times cheaper than the first ones. And they are cheaper because subsequent manufacturers do not need to spend money on their development, they work with a ready-made medicinal product, there is no need to prove in large studies safety and efficiency – this is its time has made the company-developer. It is for this reason that the price of generic Apo-Tamox, Tamizam, Tamoxifen, etc. is significantly lower, although the requirements for the production part of the original and the generic is exactly the same.

Nolvadex price and cost?

The cost of the drug depends primarily on the dosage, the number of pills in the package, as well as whether the drug is original or a generic. The average cost of generic Nolvadex varies from $0.54 to $1.24 per pill and $37-$194 per a pack.

How and where to buy Nolvadex online?

When you decide to purchase Nolvadex online at an online pharmacy, you automatically get the opportunity to evaluate a variety of price offers. You do not need to travel all the way from the pharmacy to the pharmacy to find out the prices and availability of drugs. Without leaving your home, you can buy Nolvadex over the counter, the release form, dosage, manufacturer, order, reserve and get the drug! Prices for the same drug in different pharmacies may vary significantly.

How Nolvadex works?

Nolvadex acts as an antagonist and agonist towards the estrogen hormone. Its anti-estrogenic properties are manifested in the fact that it acts on estrogen receptors in certain parts of the body, making them insensitive to estrogen. This applies primarily to the cells of the mammary glands (breast).
Another positive property of anti-estrogens is the ability to normalize the balance of low-density lipoproteins.

When Nolvadex is used?

The drug contains Tamoxifen and is used for effective treatment of breast cancer, as well as by bodybuilders.
Male bodybuilders find this drug very effective in dealing with the effects of aromatization of steroids and increasing estrogen levels in the body, for example, gynecomastia and the formation of fat, forming a female silhouette. Such effects can occur either by increasing estrogen levels in the body, or by reducing the natural production of androgens.

Top 5 benefits of Nolvadex

  1. Nolvadex has an affordable price;
  2. The drug increases cholesterol in the blood almost immediately after reception;
  3. This significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. After all, as you know, many bodybuilding athletes can suffer from such diseases;
  4. Since Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) is a very light estrogen, it does not harm the internal organs, but rather has a positive effect on the human body;
  5. Nolvadex is much safer than other drugs. Even long-term use does not cause much harm to the body.


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