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The Latisse eyelash growth drug is produced by the world-famous company, the creator of the Botox trademark. Almost anyone can use Latisse for eyelash growth. The drug is safe and versatile, gives a visible effect of eyelash growth, which is confirmed by buyers from different countries. Latisse is available in a bottle-dropper of 3 ml, cardboard packs with applicators (60 PCs.) – cardboard holders.


Alternative names for the brand and generic Latisse?

Existing legislation does not require preclinical and laboratory studies for the production of generics. Often they appear on the market after the patent expires on the original drug, and the development company loses the monopoly on the production of medicines with a specific composition. So there are analogues like Lumigan, Careprost, Carelash with a lower price, since the manufacturer bears the costs only at the stage of generic release.

Latisse price and cost?

The price of the drug depends primarily on the dosage, the number of pills in the package, as well as whether the drug is original or a generic. The average cost of generic Latisse varies from $27 per bottle.

How and where to buy Latisse online?

Nowadays, ordering and purchasing online is becoming more and more popular, to buy Latisse over the counter is a significant saving of time and money, in addition to providing delivery of the medicine, but the cost is lower on the Internet. Having made the choice of the desired medicine or drug according to the reference book, you can purchase Latisse online, indicating the name of the drug, the pharmacy staff will contact you and specify the cost, payment terms and send the drug to the specified address.

How Latisse works?

The mechanism of action of the active substance of the drug on the roots of the eyelash bulb involves obtaining exactly the same effect in the case of its impact on the hair follicles of the head or, for example, eyebrows. As the practice has shown, this tool can be quite effective for improving the quality of hair in the above areas of the human body. In any case, there are such cases, and they are not isolated.

When Latisse is used?

The result from the application of Latisse will be obvious after 16 weeks of application. The buyers recorded an increase in the length of eyelashes from 25% to 100%, an increase in the density from 50% to 100% and change in the color of eyelashes (in the direction to the darker color). In addition, the studies have shown that the drug has a similar effect on the growth of eyebrows and hair on the head.

Top 5 benefits of Latisse

  1. Latisse is very effective for administration.
  2. Latisse is completely harmless to people.
  3. The drug contains therapeutic components for hair growth.
  4. Latisse is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, after surgery, as well as in the presence of allergies to the skin of the eyelids.
  5. Side effects when using Latisse are noticed by less than 1% of buyers. When the drug is used correctly, it is perfectly safe.


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