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Androgel is an effective drug that is used to replenish testosterone in the male body. This endogenous hormone is required for the normal development of the male genitals. The drug helps to normalize the reproductive system and copes with the symptoms of impotence.
Androgel gel for external use 10 mg / 1 g: pack. The main active component is testosterone undecanoate.


Alternative names for the brand and generic Androgel?

Currently, there are many analogues of the drug, the so-called generics, which are marketed by various pharmaceutical companies. These are drugs such as AndroGel, Testosterone Gel, Testim Gel, Tostran Gel, etc. They are all united by the same active ingredient in the preparation. Their difference from brand drugs is only in the cost. The content of the active substance is the same as in the original. Additional components that are present in the composition of generics do not affect the effectiveness and treatment of the drug.

Androgel price and cost?

The cost of the drug depends primarily on the dosage, the number of pills in the package, as well as whether the drug is original or a generic. The average cost of generic Androgel varies from $25 to $ 350 per a pack.

How and where to buy Androgel online?

Online pharmacy offers a wider range of products, as in a regular pharmacy. However, netizens will experience several significant advantages. First, the prices to purchase Androgel over the Internet are much lower. Secondly, the buyer has enough time to understand all the nuances of taking the medicine, he can read the instructions, consult the doctor or pharmacist. Thirdly, in the online pharmacy you can buy Androgel over the counter taken out of line, quickly make a calculation and make the order.

How Androgel works?

Androgel is a testosterone drug. The drug normalizes the bioavailability and content of this hormone in the blood. The drug also helps to increase the amount of dihydrotestosterone and estradiol. Androgel capsules help young people and elderly patients with hypogonadism to normalize gonadotropin parameters. The constant use of the drug leads to the restoration of the mineral density of bone tissue, improvement of sexual functions, increase of libido and normalization of erection.

When Androgel is used?

The drug is taken to replenish testosterone in the body. It helps to improve male well-being and increase sexual activity.
You can take the drug Androgel in case of bodybuilding. This tool helps to strengthen muscle tissue and increase its size. The drug is highly effective.

Top 5 benefits of Androgel

  1. Treatment of endocrine impotence, hypopituitarism, eunuchoidism;
  2. Hormone replacement treatment in case of disorders associated with testosterone deficiency;
  3. Some forms of infertility caused by problems with spermatogenesis;
  4. Symptoms of male menopause are decreased libido, general deterioration of health, decreased physical activity, post-castration syndrome, masculinisation of transsexual people.
    This substance causes a decrease in the content of globulin, which leads to the binding of sex hormones.


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