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Amoxicillin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It is used to treat a large number of diseases caused by bacteria susceptible to it. It comes in a variety of dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, oral suspension and solution for intravenous administration. Medicinal properties of amoxicillin include only a bacteriostatic effect on bacteria susceptible to it. It does not act on viruses or fungi.


Alternative names for the brand and generic Amoxicillin?

Amoxicillin is the active ingredient of one of the most used antibiotics. It produces a large variety of manufacturers, among which are the top and little-known pharmaceutical companies. In the pharmacy, you can buy Amoxicillin as Amoxil, Trimox, Apo-Amoxi, Moxatag, etc. The drug is available in the form of various dosage forms (250mg, 500mg, 875mg). This avoids the difficulties associated with the difficulty of dosing, problems when chewing and swallowing large pills by the elderly and children.

Amoxicillin price and cost?

The cost of the drug depends primarily on the dosage, the number of pills in the package, as well as whether the drug is original or a generic. The average cost of generic Amoxicillin varies from $0.25 to $0.76 per pill and $16-$89 per a pack.

How and where to buy Amoxicillin online?

Online pharmacies offer better conditions to purchase Amoxicillin online and prices are lower than in conventional pharmacies. The drug can be purchased by prescription at a pharmacy or ordered on reliable and trusted websites. Online pharmacy allows you to buy Amoxicillin over the counter. It is enough to type in the search box the desired name of the drug and the system will produce a result of many thousands various offers.

How Amoxicillin works?

Indications for use of amoxicillin are diseases in which the inflammatory process is caused by microorganisms sensitive to the drug. This antibiotic has the most pronounced effect against the following pathogens: streptococci, enterococci and Listeria. The following bacteria in some cases are sensitive to amoxicillin, but sometimes they are resistant, so doctors do not use it as a first-line therapy. These include hemophilus bacillus, E. coli, Helicobacter pylori, Salmonella, Proteus, Staphylococcus, Clostridium.

When Amoxicillin is used?

Indications for use of amoxicillin vary. In outpatient practice, it is recommended as a therapy for infectious diseases caused by the introduction of various streptococci. These include:

  • diseases of the upper respiratory tract, upper respiratory tract, such common as sore throat, otitis media, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis;
  • lower respiratory diseases, like acute bronchitis and community-acquired pneumonia;
  • infectious diseases of the skin, soft tissues, such as abscess, phlegmon, erysipelas, etc.;
  • urinary tract infections, kidney infections (acute cystitis, acute pyelonephritis and exacerbation of chronic);
  • infectious diseases of the intestine (enteritis, colitis);
  • early stage Lyme disease.

Top 5 benefits of Amoxicillin

  1. It belongs to conditionally safe antibacterial drugs, as it is generally well tolerated. The most common problem during therapy is allergy.
  2. An important advantage of amoxicillin is the independence of absorption from the gastrointestinal tract from food intake, in contrast to other drugs, whose bioavailability is significantly reduced when taken with food.
  3. Pharmaceutical company Astellas, which is famous for its development of new dosage forms, was the first to launch the most convenient dispersible form of Amoxicillin on the market.
  4. Amoxicillin belongs to the category of drugs that can be conventionally used during pregnancy.
  5. Other benefits of amoxicillin include its rapidity of exposure. Usually the drug alleviates the symptoms very quickly. Patients taking amoxicillin begin to feel better in one or two days


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